The Study Series of WIK consist of final reports of research projects carried out by WIK.


Neutral fibre and the European Green Deal

The study shows that modern fibre-optic infrastructures help to counter climate change.


Future regional – digital: Feasibility study on data infrastructures in the Rhenish mining area

Feasibility study on the requirements and potential for a hyperscale data center with integrated data hub and connected digital park for the state of NRW


WIK-Consult researched the impact of price and delivery frequency on demand for postal services

What drives the demand for postal services in Belgium?


Impact of labelling on full fibre adoption

This study by WIK-Consult on behalf of CityFibre provides evidence of the extent of consumer confusion and the effectiveness of a labeling system in the UK broadband market.


European Data Economy: Between Competition and Regulation

In the context of the political debate on the so-called "data economy", access to data and data exchange, this WIK-Consult study provides the relevant expertise necessary for understanding the debate.


Study on user needs and evaluation of Postal Services Directive

WIK-Consult has analysed the needs of postal users and evaluated the European Postal Services Directive in a study for the European Commission.


Consumer IoT – growth through connection

WIK market report sheds light on supply and demand in the most important segments of Consumer IoT


Digitisation as an enabler for resource efficiency in companies

Study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy - Main Report and brochure with recommendations for action for small and medium-sized enterprises


International Postal Service, Remuneration and Regulation

European Commission publish WIK-Consult study on international postal services


Digital Sovereignty in Europe – a first benchmark

The COVID-19 crisis has not only shown how crucial our ICT infrastructure is, but it has also increased awareness of being dependent on foreign suppliers of critical services and products. Therefore, it is not surprising that within the public debate around...

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