The Study Series of WIK consist of final reports of research projects carried out by WIK.


Digital infrastructures of municipal utilities

WIK-Consult analyses status quo and opportunities of municipal utilities for building digital infrastructures.


Digital Markets Act - Impact Assessment support study

As part of a research consortium, WIK identifies problem areas related to gatekeeper platforms and assesses the impact of the Digital Markets Act.


Status of broadband and fiber-optic expansion in Bavaria

WIK-report investigates the progress in the deployment of broadband networks and estimates the costs of a state-wide roll-out of fiber and gigabit networks.


Copper switch-off; European experience and practical considerations

Why and where are copper networks still used in Europe and what can network operators and national authorities learn from countries like Estonia and Sweden, where more than 80 and 50% of the copper network is switched off?


Study on the impacts of the extension of the scope of the Geo-blocking Regulation

WIK-Consult supports the European Commission (DG CONNECT) as part of a research consortium in the assessment of the scope of the Geo-blocking Regulation, in particular with regard to an extension of the scope of the Geo-blocking Regulation to audiovisual and...


Misleading fibre advertisements in Europe

What’s in the name? Are products advertised as 'fibre' really 100% fibre (hence fibre to the home) or only partly fibre such as fibre to the curb (last mile still the old copper wire) or hybrid fibre coax (cable networks) and why is this important for...


Wholesale only as a model for fiber deployment

WIK report sheds light on different aspects of wholesale-only models with a particular focus on the development in Italy


Evaluation support study of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation

WIK-Consult supports the Directorate-General for Competition (DG COMP) in the evaluation of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and provides qualitative and quantitative evidence on its relevance, effectiveness and efficiency.


Cost analysis and business cases of a full coverage fibre roll-out in the area of the German-speaking Community in Belgium

WIK-Consult supports the government of the German-speaking Community in their efforts for an area-wide fibre roll-out


The German telecommunications market in comparison with international frontrunners

WIK gives policy recommendations in the area of telecommunications and digitisation based on an international benchmark.

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