The Study Series of WIK consist of final reports of research projects carried out by WIK.


State-aid VULA criteria for FTTC VDSL Vectoring

European Commission GD Competition publishes WIK expert opinion


Situation of IT security in SMEs

The summary shows the results a project for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy concerning the situation of IT security in small and medium sized enterprises. Moreover, the publications provides insights on possible supportive actions...


Non-residential markets in Germany

On behalf of the VATM, WIK investigated which requirements of a portfolio of wholesale services must meet in order to strengthen and secure competition in the business segment of communication markets.


FTTH’s crystal clear benefits

A representative survey in Sweden and two case studies underscore the positive impact of fibre networks on the digitization of society and businesses alike.


Modelling of the costs of a full country covering ultrahigh-bandwidth network for Switzerland

WIK NGA cost model determines costs and subsidy requirements for FTTC, FTTS and FTTH taking into account the existing expansion


International Communications Market Report 2017

Ofcom has published its annual report on the development in international communications markets (television, telecoms, broadcasting and postal services).


More than words

Rich Interaction Applications create a consumers surplus of US$98 billion (INR6.3 lakh crores) in India.


Competitive situation on the Swiss broadband access market

Ensure competition on the basis of a regulated wholesale product for ultra-broadband access


Call-by-call and preselection in Germany

The study for the Association of Telecommunication and Value-Added Service Providers (VATM) shows the importance call-by-call and preselection in Germany

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