The Study Series of WIK consist of final reports of research projects carried out by WIK.


Mail profitability in international posts

WIK-Consult supports USPS Office of Inspector General in a study on the relevance and profitability of international posts' mail operations


Residential demand for ultrafast broadband internet in 2025

WIK forecasts the potential demand for very high bandwidth in 2025.


Price regulation in postal markets

WIK supports USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) with a review of international trends in postal price regulation. OIG has published WIK report as an appendix to its white paper ‘Lessons in Price Regulation from International Posts’.


Dutch Parliament published WIK study on postal market scenarios

Digitisation strongly affects postal markets in the Netherlands. This study by WIK-Consult analyses the Dutch postal market today, identifies future scenarios until 2025, and gives recommendations for future postal policy.


Report on the General X-Factor for German Energy Network Operators

WIK Report on the general productivity factor in consultation.


International Communications Market Report 2016

Ofcom has published its annual report on the development in international communications markets (television, telecoms, broadcasting and postal services).


Building the European Data Economy – Free Flow of Data

The European Commission is examining barriers to the free flow of data. A consortium composed of Deloitte, WIK-Consult, Open Evidence, OpenForum Europe and Timelex summarised first findings at a high-level workshop with Commissioner Oettinger.


Margin squeeze models for ADSL, VDSL, Cable and Fibre

WIK-Consult has developed Margin Squeeze Models for the Belgium telecommunications regulator (BIPT).


Development of parcel delivery cost in Deutsche Post AG

Study by WIK-Consult analyses cost recovery for Deutsche Post’s business parcels. The study concludes that internal transfer prices for business parcels were substantially below costs before 2015.

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