Profile Alex Kalevi Dieke

Director, Authorized Signatory

Alex Kalevi Dieke graduated as an Economist from Bonn University and works for WIK since 1999. He has managed different departments at WIK and WIK-Consult since 2006, and serves as a director with power of attorney for WIK and WIK-Consult since 2015.

Alex Dieke has developed and pushed forward WIK’s activities in the postal, logistics, and mobility industries. He is a leading global expert for liberalisation, regulation, competition, and innovation in these industries. Alex had led numerous consulting projects for the European Commission and Regulatory Authorities, Associations, Ministries and Operators in more than 20 countries, as well as for international organisations. 

Since 2020, Alex Dieke directs the office of Stadt.Land.Digital, an initiative by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to promote digital solutions for local municipalities, enterprises, civic organisations, and citizens, hosted by WIK-Consult.

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Alex Kalevi Dieke
Head of Office

Phone: +49 2224 9225-36
Fax:     +49 2224 9225-63