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Director and General Manager of WIK GmbH and General Manager of WIK-Consult GmbH

Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling is Director and General Manager of WIK GmbH and General Manager of WIK-Consult GmbH since January 2020. Before joining WIK again she has worked for the Federal Network Agency for many years, most recently as Chairwoman of the Ruling Chamber 11 - National Dispute Settlement Body of the DigiNetzGesetz.

She is considered as an expert on regulation, deployment of broadband networks and the internet. After heading the Section of Postal Economics she built up and headed the Section of Internet Economics covering a broad range of topics such as market analysis, analytical cost models, the roll-out of high speed broadband networks, broadband measurement tools and net neutrality. She has been active in the relevant German and European committees of the regulatory authorities (BEREC) and has also shaped the international debate on digitisation.

Dr. Schwarz-Schilling received her Diploma in Economics from the University of Bonn and a Master of Science in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics from the London School of Economics. She holds a PhD in the field of energy economics from the University of Cologne, where she served as Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, chair of Professor Weizsäcker, focusing on industrial organization and antitrust policy.

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Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling

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