Science meets Consulting ...

Our motto „Science meets Consulting" provides the guiding principle that drives our activities. For almost 40 years, WIK has been successfully carrying out scientific research projects in the field of network industries, in particular the telecommunications, postal and energy markets, and have accompanied and advised regulatory authorities, ministries and organizations, national and international with our scientific work.

In order to fulfill our public mandate WIK as a non-profit organization draws up a scientific research program funded by grants. In addition WIK carries out contract research which provides the opportunity to further gain new scientific knowledge. WIK is an independent think tank for many institutions.

Furthermore through our daughter company WIK-Consult etablished more than 15 years ago, we have carried out research and consulting services tailored to the needs of companies and public institutions. In doing so, we aim to meet the demand for sound, knowledge-based expertise focused on economic effects and developments.

We give solid and factual advice in the fields of communications, digitisation, intelligent networking, postal services and e-commerce as well as smart energy, though our proven expertise goes even further.

Regulatory issues and public policy in communications markets form the basis of our work. Digitisation of economy, the convergence of telecommunications, media and internet, and the growing need for infrastructure investment have confronted both government and industry with new challenges. Due to the pace of change, we have observed the growing need for advice and consulting, both nationally and at a European level. WIK is known as a think tank on all issues of the modern world of communications.

Market research and corporate strategies describe our competencies in the fields where regulation and digitisation are of major influence. In the ever more complex world of communications, our expertise provides a solid basis for making political, regulatory and corporate decisions. Our strategic emphasis on both basic research and professional consulting will help us to meet the challenges of the future.

However, moving with the times does not mean abandoning our roots. Scientific knowledge still sets the pace, as it determines our way of thinking, acting and making recommendations. Quality, validity and independent advice will continue to be the hallmarks of our work. As our client and partner, you can rely on the results we deliver. Our claim to make public debate objective by providing the facts and supporting your decision-making with scientific evidence, thus achieving more intelligent solutions, is as true for the future as it was in the past – with expert advice from WIK.

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