"Science meets Consulting" is our key mission, summarising our clearly defined, ambitious claim to combine research competence with practice-oriented consulting services. Our experts see eye to eye with our clients. In many of our projects, we have proven ourselves to be well positioned to work out recommendations which are tailored to market requirements, helping our clients to make the right decisions. Our clients can be assured that our analyses, evaluations and strategic recommendations will reflect state-of-the-art research.

  • WIK builds bridges between science and politics, business and society.
  • WIK provides broad expertise and know-how based on 30 years of consultancy.
  • WIK provides a wide spectrum of successfully applied methods and models tailored to our clients’ questions and problems.
  • Consultancy projects are customised and based on sound research.
  • As a result, we can give advice on strategic options and potential ways for implementation.

Our philosophy

Successful strategies are based on facts. Professionalism needs sound knowledge. Competence is a matter of quality. More than ever before, knowledge is the greatest asset of the information age.

To us, science means the development of workable solutions and realistic recommendations based on sound research. That’s what WIK stands for. We build bridges between science and politics, between business and society.

We are committed to ensuring that decisions made in the marketplace are based on solid, factual information. Our market research and survey results are always the outcome of careful research and scientific analysis. We prepare the ground for decision-making processes, objectify debate by supplying the facts, help in the formulation of strategies and extend the overall knowledge base.

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