WIK Conference

New Code, new challenges for the Gigabit society

15-16 October 2019 in Brussels

From 2020, member states across Europe will be applying the new electronic communications Code. This year will also see the installation of a new European Parliament and Commission, tasked with setting the agenda for Europe’s telecom sector for the years to come.

WIK’s conference on 15-16 October in Brussels will focus on the tasks at hand and future challenges for policy-makers and the industry.

The opening day will focus on implementing the Code. With the aid of experienced moderators and experts as well as contributions from key policy-makers and the industry, we will:

  • Provide insights on the regulation of high speed broadband in light of new rules on symmetric regulation, co-investment and wholesale only models, and discuss the implications for SMP regulation and the review of the Recommendation on Relevant Markets;
  • Examine the outcomes of 5G spectrum auctions and explore the implications of 5G deployment for network sharing and competition in mobile networks and OTT services; and
  • Investigate developments in voice regulation in light of the development of rich communications services, the move to all-IP, and the introduction of pan-EU rules on the pricing of termination and international calls.
  • Look forward to developments in smart city applications and connected driving and consider the implications for fixed and wireless connectivity at a local, national and global level.
  • Hear about tools and funding options to kick-start investment in rural Gigabit networks and 5G.
  • Explore the future of competition policy in light of next generation investments and tensions in global trade 

The event will be moderated and debates informed by independent experts from WIK and academia. The conference will be opened by BEREC Chair Jeremy Godfrey, who will discuss the activities that BEREC is undertaking to implement the Code.  

The keynote address will be given by Prof. William Kovacic, Professor of Global Competition Law and Policy at George Washington University, who will address the subject "Competition policy for telecoms and technology: local consumers, regional champions and global giants". Guillaume Loriot, Director for antitrust, mergers and state aid in the digital, telecoms and media sectors at DG Competition, European Commission, will also provide his analysis on these topics in a debate moderated by Matthew Newman.  

Other key speakers include Anthony Whelan, Director for Electronic Communications at the European Commission who will address the subject of "investing in the Gigabit society", Wolter Lemstra, author and academic, who will explore the topic of "Leadership with 5G in Europe", as well as Wilhelm Eschweiler, vice-president of the German regulatory authority BNetzA, Emmanuel Gabla, Commissioner at the French regulatory authority ARCEP and Tiziana Talevi, Director Regulatory Affairs, Fastweb.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the event on 15-16 October.



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