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Head of Department "Markets and Perspectives" 

René Arnold has studied business administration at Heilbronn University. He graduated in 2007 (Diplombetriebswirt (FH)). In September 2007, he joined the PhD programme at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In his thesis, he investigated the impact of packaging design on purchase intention from a consumer behavior perspective. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2013.

From 2007 onwards, René Arnold worked as Associate Researcher at Heilbronn University and Teaching Assiistant at the University of Edinburgh. As part of these two positions, he was involved in numerous research projects featuring amongst others a large scale study commissioned by the European Commission on regulatory issues in the food market. Besides these engagements, he was invited guest lecturer as well as visiting research professor and is a proficient public speaker.

In July 2010, René Arnold joined IW Consult, a subsidiary of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, where he worked as a Research Analyst. His main area of investigation was ICT- and Internet where he was responsible for various projects from private as well as public contractors. His analyses focused on the impact of the internet on business models and the economy in general. Besides this research field, he engaged in regional development strategies, sector analysis and innovation policy issues. In June 2013, he joined WIK Consult as head of deparment "Markets and Perspectives".

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Dr René Arnold

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