WIK Conference: The future of connectivity

Join us on 16-17 October in Brussels to explore the practical implications of the new EU Electronic Communications Code as well as future challenges

The conference will feature an introduction to the Code from Anthony Whelan, Director for Electronic Communications at the European Commission, as well as sessions exploring the implications of the Code for access, co-investment, and 5G deployment. A special session will be devoted to addressing the broadband gap. Elisabetta Ripa (CEO Open Fiber) and Wilhelm Eschweiler (Vice-President BNetzA) will present their visions of a Gigabit society. Professor Ingo Vogelsang will give a keynote address on "Have we reached the end-game of telecommunications policy?".



Ups, I texted again

Third study on communication behavior in Germany

Consumers in Germany are increasingly using Internet-based services for communication. About three out of four messages and one out of four calls are made via services such as Facebook Messenger, Signal, Skype, Threema or WhatsApp. Consumers rely on 3 to 4 different services to cultivate exchange to different groups of contacts. Despite the great success of Internet-based services, there is still only a very small proportion of the population that does without traditional telecommunications services (around 2%).



Cross-border e-commerce and delivery services: WIK launched online survey for e-retailers

Postal and parcel delivery services that meet the needs of both consumers and e-retailers are an important factor for the dynamic development of cross-border e-commerce in Europe. In a study for the European Commission, WIK-Consult explores the developments and trends in supply of and demand for delivery solutions in the context of cross-border e-commerce. The study is intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of national and cross-border delivery markets to discuss potential initiatives and measures to promote cross-border e-commerce.

As a core element of this study, WIK has launched an online survey on the experiences and expectations of companies that sell and deliver goods abroad online. Interested e-retailers are invited to participate in this survey until early September 2018 and to inform Brussels about challenges and improvement wishes in cross-border delivery. The survey can be accessed via the secure website wik-parcel-study.eu.



Saving costs through collaboration

Cross-sectoral cooperation can support broadband expansion

In a study by WIK-Consult and VVA for the EU Commission on the implementation and monitoring of measures under Directive 61/2014 (Cost Reduction Directive), experience from case studies in countries that have already used obligations similar to the Directive, and also from companies involved in cross-sectoral collaborations, show that significant benefits can be achieved.

One of the benefits that countries could gain by following these examples is the coverage of high-speed broadband in underserved areas. For a final assessment of the impact of the Directive as a whole, the timeframe considered was too short.



Waiting for technical support

Deutsche Telekom’s technical support staff lets down competitors‘ customers

Overall, around one third of the first technician appointments for line provision or fault elimination in Deutsche Telekom's network fail. Only after three to four appointments are 98% of the desired services actually successfully carried out. Customers of competitors using Deutsche Telekom's network are more affected by this than Deutsche Telekom's direct customers. They wait in vain for the technician almost twice as often. These results are based on a consumer survey in Germany, which was conducted for the first time.



EU agrees on Free Flow of Data principles

Comprehensive study by WIK and partners emphasised positive effects for the data economy

The European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission have just reached a political agreement on new rules that will allow data to be stored and processed everywhere in the EU without unjustified restrictions.

The discussion on the regulations followed a study for the European Commission entitled "Study on emerging issues of data ownership, interoperability, (re-)usability and access to data, and liability" which has been conducted by WIK as consortium partner.



Agenda for the digitisation of the economy of Rhineland-Palatinate presented

WIK supports ministry in the course of strategy development

On June 11th Dr. Iris Henseler-Unger presented the Digital Agenda of the Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture (MWVLW) in the course of the #DigiKon18 in Mainz. The agenda identifies best practice examples and fields of activities in order make digitisation a success story in the area of economics, transport, agriculture and viniculture in Rhineland-Palatinate.



Market observatory in the digital economy

A model for the analysis of online platforms

Online platforms shape markets both online and offline. There are tendencies towards monopolisation in some cases. Thus an ongoing market observatory is necessary to enable competition and regulatory authorities to gain new insights on market structures and to identify harmful effects for competition and end users. The Data Revenue Attention Model (DRAM) helps to focus on the crucial effects. The DRAM is built to analyse online platforms in a timely manner while keeping focus. These and other observations are discussed in detail in the WIK Discussion Paper No. 427.



WIK supports the IRG Workshop on margin squeeze tests

WIK gives 2 presentations and moderates the final panel

From 20 to 22 June 2018, a workshop on the Economic Replicability Test (ERT) was held in Brussels by the Independent Regulators Group (IRG). The term ERT was first introduced in the European Commission's Recommendation of 11 September 2013 on consistent non-discrimination obligations and costing methodologies as a new term for the ex-ante margin squeeze test which addresses in particular NGA products. During the workshop the basic principles for conducting the test were outlined and country cases from the regulatory practice of several member states were presented. Furthermore, the role of the ERT in the perspective of the new European Electronic Communications Code was discussed by industry stakeholders and academic experts.


Seizing digital opportunities together - but for sure

WIK presents current situation of IT security in SMEs at CEBIT 2018

In Hanover, the BMWi initiative IT-security in the economy has once again been able to present itself successfully. In addition to an overview of the initiative itself, current projects were presented. Annette Hillebrand, Managing Consultant Digital Security, explained the results of the WIK study with regard to the implementation gaps for SMEs: "IT-security should not be an isolated topic at the end of a process chain, but should be considered right from the start."



Rechts- und IT-Sicherheitsfragen bei der Digitalisierung mitdenken

Neues „Wissenschaft trifft Praxis“-Magazin zum Thema „Digitales Recht und Sicherheit“

Mit der 10. Ausgabe des Magazins „WISSENSCHAFT TRIFFT PRAXIS" geht die Förderinitiative MITTELSTAND-DIGITAL den Fragen des Datenschutzes, der Datensicherheit, der Datenhoheit und der Datenhaftung nach. Experten aus dem Umfeld der MITTELSTAND 4.0-KOMPETENZZENTREN arbeiten diese Fragen in ihren Beiträgen für das Magazin praxisnah auf. Das Magazin ist im Rahmen der Begleitforschung des WIK für die BMWi-Förderinitiative entstanden.



We would be delighted to keep in touch with you

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation entered into force

We would like to keep in touch with you and exchange ideas on the various topics of telecommunications, smart energy, digitisation and postal services, especially as the coming years will be exciting and many decisions need to be made. For this we need your acceptance. With your registration you entitle us to send you e-mails with information about our current work and new publications as well as invitations to events. You may unsubscribe from this information in each mailing.



WIK Newsletter No 111, June 2018

The WIK Newsletter (only in German language) informs about latest research and events carried out by WIK.



Deutscher und europäischer Glasfasermarkt 2018 – Eine Halbjahresbilanz –, Presentation of Dr. Iris Henseler-Unger at the BUGLAS summer event on  5 June 2018

Das Verhältnis von marktgetriebenem und gefördertem Ausbau zur Erreichung der Breitbandziele von Bund und Land, Presentation of Dr. Iris Henseler-Unger at the 8. Thüringer Breitbandgipfel on 4 June 2018 in Erfurt

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