No. 441: Voice Assistants in Germany

More and more consumers use voice assistants. But their adoption raises new challenges for policymakers and regulators. Our discussion paper No. 441 identifies and discusses these challenges.


Newsletter Nr. 115 | Juni 2019

Der neue WIK Newsletter mit Berichten aus der laufenden Arbeit des WIK und Berichten von Veranstaltungen ist erschienen


Gigabit Konnektivität für jeden Haushalt - Zugang zu gebäudeinterner Infrastruktur

Presentation of Dr Thomas Plückebaum at the WIK: MorgenCamp Digital on 27. June 2019


No. 440: The Impact of OTT-1-Services on Communication Behaviour – a consumer perspective

WhatsApp and similar services are now part of the EECC. We summaries the essential characteristics of these services, their impact and business models pointing out open questions regarding their delineation from other OTT services


Current developments in the construction industry: Experiences from Germany and their relevance for Austria

Presentation held by Dr. Christian Wernick at the CMG-conference „FTTH & Construction: Challenges for Fibre Roll-Out in Austria“, June 13th 2019


Broadband roll-out - which approach leads to the goal and which funding opportunities are suitable for Hamburg?

Presentation of Dr. Christian Wernick at the IHK Hamburg on May 14th


Potential wholesale products in Cable-TV networks based on DOCSIS

WIK supports German NRA in the analysis of market 3a and b


Artificial Intelligence in SMEs: Relevance, Applications and Transfer

A survey conducted by WIK among experts in artificial intelligence (AI) reveals the opportunities and challenges that arise when implementing AI solutions in small- and mid-sized companies.


No. 439: The German delivery market as an infrastructure for European e-commerce

E-retailers and consumers in Germany benefit from European e-commerce


Market drivers in cross-border postal services: a tale of conflicting interests or synergies?

Presentation of Alex Dieke at the UPU Conference on Postal Regulation: UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World? on 9 April 2019

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