WIK Online Workshop 23 March 2021

Debating the EU Digital Markets Act

Who are the “gatekeepers” and how should they be regulated?

Online Workshop 23 March 2021




Opening Remarks


WIK’s Managing Director Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling will set the scene for the seminar and provide the context in which the EU and several countries internationally have taken or proposed action to address challenges associated with large “gatekeeper” platforms.

Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling, WIK



Introduction to the Digital Markets Act


The session will be introduced by Michael Koenig, deputy head of unit for retail and online services at the European Commission, DG GROW, and one of the leading architects of the Digital Markets Act.

Download presentation of Michael Koenig, European Commission



Academic Keynote Session


In this session, chaired by Prof Alexandre de Streel, we invite Prof Marshall van Alstyneto give a keynote presentation and provide a global perspective on the dynamics of platforms, impacts on industry and society and implications for policy-makers.Thereafter, we will hear the perspectivesof Prof William Kovacic and Prof Jan Krämer.

Chair: Prof. Alexandre de Streel, Professor of EU Law at University of Namur and Academic Co-Director at the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE)

Download presentation of Prof Marshall van Alstyne, Questrom Chair Professor of Management at Boston University

Prof William Kovacic, Global Competition Professor of Law and Policy at the George Washington University Law School, Non-executive Director UK CMA

Prof Jan Krämer, Chair of Internet & Telecommunications Business, University of Passau, German, Academic Co-Director at the Centreon Regulation in Europe (CERRE)






Key Industry Representatives Debate the Act


Finally, in an interactive session chaired by Philippe Defraigne, Director of Cullen International, we will debate the provisions of the DMA with insights and contributions from stakeholders representing large platforms and their challengers, business users and consumers.

Chair: Philippe Defraigne, Cullen International

Johan Keetelaar, Facebook

Ben Schroeter, Booking.com

Amaury Libbrecht, AIM

Jacques Lovell,HOTREC

Maria Luisa Stasi,ARTICLE 19



Closing Remarks


Dr  Cara  Schwarz-Schilling  will  wrap  up  the  event  with  key  take-aways  from  the  discussion  and issues for further debate.

Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling, WIK

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