Research Brief: The development of retail offers for residential customers on the German fixed-line market 2017-2020

WIK research brief summarises the most important contents of the discussion paper No. 476 on the price development of double-play tariffs for private end-users at the largest German fixed network providers.More...


WIK Working Paper No. 2: Parcel locker stations: A solution for the last mile?

Europe-wide overview of the diffusion and use of parcel locker stations, including an outlook for Germany.More...


Research Brief: Opportunities and dependencies of SMEs in the platform economy

Based on case studies, this study identifies aspects critical to the success of SMEs' engagement in the platform economy. This engagement can contribute to strengthening competition.More...


WIK Working Paper No 1: My Browser is not a Billboard: Experimental Evidence on Ad-blocking Adoption and Users’ Acquisition of Information

Based on an online laboratory experiment, this project analyzes the effects of ad-blocking on the information acquisition of Internet users and provides resulting welfare effects.More...


CDO-Forum - Digitale Kaffeerunde für Digitalisierungsverantwortliche aus deutschen Kommunen „Digitalisierung für Alle: Von Jung bis Alt“

Frau Dr. Madlen Müller-Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer der Stadt Haßfurt, berichtete über den Strategieprozess des Modellprojekts „Smart Green City Haßfurt“.


Digital Executive Club Brussels – an initiative of WIK and IDATE

The next Meeting of the Virtual Digital Executive Club will be announced soon.


Workshop „Open Data und Urbane Datenplattformen“

In a virtual workshop, WIK discussed the potential of open data and urban data platforms with market players and representatives of municipalities, federal ministries and the Federal Network Agency.


No 475: Digital working environments in SMEs

Digital transformation require active changes in the working culture. This is particularly challenging for SMEs. The paper presents studies and theses on digital working environments in SMEs.More...


No 474: Design and implementation of a universal service regime in other countries.

The article presents the broadband universal service regimes in other countries. In addition to the European member states, the focus is on Great Britain, Switzerland and Australia.More...

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