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Online Workshop 23 March 2021 - EU Digital Markets Act

In this virtual seminar, with the aid of leading academics, major platforms and their users and challengers, we explore the rationale behind the Digital Markets Act and tackle key questions around its design and impact.More...

Newsletter Nr. 121 | Dezember 2020

Der neue WIK Newsletter mit Berichten aus der laufenden Arbeit des WIK und Berichten von Veranstaltungen ist erschienen.More...

Consumer IoT – growth through connection

WIK market report sheds light on supply and demand in the most important segments of Consumer IoTMore...

Digitisation as an enabler for resource efficiency in companies

Study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy - Main Report and brochure with recommendations for action for small and medium-sized enterprisesMore...

International Postal Service, Remuneration and Regulation

European Commission publish WIK-Consult study on international postal servicesMore...

Digital Sovereignty in Europe – a first benchmark

The COVID-19 crisis has not only shown how crucial our ICT infrastructure is, but it has also increased awareness of being dependent on foreign suppliers of critical services and products. Therefore, it is not surprising that within the public debate around strategic autonomy, “digital sovereignty” is often in the spotlight. The debates on screening 5G suppliers fit in here as well.More...

Digital infrastructures of municipal utilities

WIK-Consult analyses status quo and opportunities of municipal utilities for building digital infrastructures.More...
Discussion Paper

No. 473: Bottom up cost modelling and statistical analysis of NGA network costs

In comparison to other countries NGA investment in Germany still lags behind. This paper investigates on profitability of FTTH rollout and funding requirements by applying methods of bottom-up modelling, regression and cluster analysis.More...
Discussion Paper

No. 472: Cost saving potentials associated with Infrastructure Sharing in the context of 5G introduction

The present study shines light on benefits and drawbacks of Infrastructure Sharing in the mobile market in the context of the beginning 5G roll-out and quantifies potential cost savings.More...
Discussion Paper

No. 471: Consumer IoT in Germany – applications and possible need for regulation

The number of connected products for end consumers rises continuously. The discussion paper at hand presents important fields of applications and discusses potential issues with regard to competition, data and consumer protection. More...

Digital Markets Act - Impact Assessment support study

As part of a research consortium, WIK identifies problem areas related to gatekeeper platforms and assesses the impact of the Digital Markets Act.More...

Digital Executive Club Brussels – an initiative of WIK and IDATE

The next meeting of the Virtual Digital Executive Club will be announced soon.More...