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Science meets Consulting...

.. is our key mission, shaping our work: For more than 40 years WIK stands for independent research and consulting in the fields of telecommunications, digitisation, internet and data economy, smart energy, postal services and logistics.

Thanks to our research program funded by grants we are able to carry out scientific projects using state of the art methods and investigate current problems in depth. The results are published in different formats such as discussion papers, research briefs or WIK working papers. In addition, we have been offering  consulting services to regulatory authorities, ministries, other organisations and companies at home and aborad for over 20 years through our subsidiary WIK-Consult GmbH.

We enable our clients to base their market decisions on a solid factual and scientific foundation. Market research and study results are always the result of careful research and scientific analysis. Depending on the issue at hand, we use a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. In this way, we prepare decision-making processes, objectify debate by supplying the facts, help in the formulation of strategies and extend the overall knowledge base.

„We build bridges between science and politics, business and society.“
Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling

Against the backdrop of constant technological change, regulatory issues and regulatory aspects of telecommunications markets and infrastructures and increasingly of online platforms in the internet and data economy form the core of our work. Market analyses and corporate strategies in areas shaped by regulation or digitisation digitalisation are also part of our range of competences.

The high investment needs for modern infrastructures, digitisation and the requirements of the European Green Deal pose new challenges for politics and business. This also applies to the digitisation of SMEs, administration and municipalities or the development of sustainable delivery concepts with increasing online trade. We deal with the digitisation of the energy industry as well as with the resource consumption of v.  In an increasingly complex world of communication, we provide the basis for political, regulatory and entrepreneurial decisions through our expertise.

„WIK’s claim is to contribute to a more objective discussion through facts, to scientifically underpin decisions and thus ensure better solutions.“
Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling

But despite all the dynamism over 40 years, we have remained true to ourselves. Science sets the pace, determines our thinking, our actions, our recommendations. Quality, validity and independence are the benchmarks of our work. Our clients and partners can rely on our results. To contribute to a more objective discussion. To objectify public discussions through facts, to scientifically underpin decisions and thus ensure better solutions will remain WIK's claim in the future.

WIK builds bridges between science and politics, business and society and is established as a think tank in all areas of the modern communications world.