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Discussion Papers

Our classic publication format for research results


New delivery services, effects on market structures and implications on competition policy (No. 497)

Does Amazon challenge the German parcel market?


Climate-neutral postal services: Status quo of letter and parcel operators in Germany (No. 496)

Technological, financial and organisational barriers hamper the sustainable transformation of transport networks.


Digitalization applications and identification of digitalization trends in SMEs (No. 495)

Which technologies will be relevant for SMEs in the near future and how can these be applied? How can emerging technologies be evaluated in light of…


Spatial Extension of Access Networks – an Economic Analysis (No. 494)

Fibre based access technologies allow for access line length of more than 100 km. By applying a simple FTTH PtP investment model, we show that in most…


Spatial Extension of Access Networks – a Technical Analysis (No. 493)

What are the technical determinants of the range of line length in access networks? And what conclusions can be drawn from this for the spatial…


From Legacy to the Future: Incentivising Demand Migration through Access Fees (No. 492)

In this paper, we analyze how wholesale access fees of a crucial input can be utilized to influence demands for products of different technologies and…


The role of refurbishment providers in the smartphone market (No. 491)

The study explains the refurbishment business model and gives an overview of market development and providers.


eSIM – Potential, challenges and competition problems (No. 490)

An analysis of the market relevance of eSIM, its implications for relevant stakeholders and the value chain as well as potential competition problems…


Developments towards 6G (No. 489)

While many 5G business applications are still in their infancy, the geopolitical race for the 6G leadership with regards to research and development…


Flexibilization of frequency regulation and the frequency plan (No. 488)

Flexibilization of spectrum regulation for 5G in specific frequency bands opens up the possibility for a variety of digital radio services to be…


Device Neutrality – Software marketplaces and mobile operating systems (No. 487)

This discussion paper presents the results of an analysis on competitive issues in the context of mobile ecosystems and discusses suitable remedies.


Political and regulatory approaches to extend the life cycle of smartphones (No. 486)

The discussion paper provides an overview on the approaches already established in Germany, other EU-Member States and the USA. Regulations foreseen…