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Research Brief and In Focus

Individual research results with different focal points


Network fees revisited

An analysis of the “fair-share” debate

This policy brief looks at developments in the debate on termination charges, with a particular focus on the arguments of the stakeholders involved,…

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The interoperability of number independent interpersonal communication services

Adoption and approaches to implementation

Based on a consumer survey in Germany, the implications of interoperability obligations of number-independent interpersonal communication services…

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Hey, it’s Ok!

Usage of voice assistants in Germany

This research brief presents data from a consumer survey conducted in 2022 on the use of voice assistants and consumer IoT in Germany.

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Price differentiation for fixed-line broadband products in Germany (2023)

WIK analyzes the cable, FTTB/H and xDSL-based double-play offers of 105 fixed network providers in Germany for the third time

The study examines how prices in Germany have developed in view of the dynamic FTTB/H roll-out, a continuing limited infrastructure competition…

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Increasing energy efficiency in public buildings: best practices of LoRaWAN applications

Results of the WIK research project on energy savings in municipalities

Since around 2018, more and more local authorities in Germany have been equipping their areas and buildings with LoRaWAN wireless technology. The WIK…

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Positioning of SMEs on the topic of sustainability

Analysis of company profiles and digitalization solutions

An analysis of 7,277 LinkedIn business profiles shows that both SMEs and large companies place little emphasis on positioning as a sustainable…

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Digital transformation in times of skills shortages

An analysis of job vacancies

The shortage of skilled workers in the field of digitalization is a major obstacle to the implementation of digital solutions. An analysis of over…

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FTTH point-to-multipoint vs. point-to-point

A comparison from a microeconomic and macroeconomic perspective

This short study deals with the question which fibre access network topology is most suitable for the FTTH roll-out from a technical, micro- and…

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Unique identifiers for fiber based access points

The situation in Germany and selected neighboring countries.

In some neighboring countries there are established methods of assigning unique fiber access point identifiers which are operated successfully. On the…

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In Focus: LoRaWAN applications in municipalities help to save energy

Many municipalities are successfully building their own LoRaWAN infrastructures. This spotlight shows examples from Luebeck, Wolfsburg, Osnabrueck and…

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Estimation of additional 5G antenna mast locations for 3.6 GHz for filling gaps between existing antenna locations

Growing capacity demand for 5G does not automatically result in significant additonal 3.6 GHz antenna mast locations beyond thosse existing today in…

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Trends in the Crypto-Economy - Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

This study provides an up-to-date overview of the development and regulation of the crypto-economy, Non-Fungible Tokens, and Decentralized Autonomous…

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