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Research Brief and Spotlights

Individual research results with different focal points


Estimation of additional 5G antenna mast locations for 3.6 GHz for filling gaps between existing antenna locations

Growing capacity demand for 5G does not automatically result in significant additonal 3.6 GHz antenna mast locations beyond thosse existing today in…


Trends in the Crypto-Economy - Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

This study provides an up-to-date overview of the development and regulation of the crypto-economy, Non-Fungible Tokens, and Decentralized Autonomous…


Auditability and control of algorithmic decisions and systems

The study examines algorithmic decisions from the perspective of those affected. The focus is on consumers' awareness of the existence of algorithmic…


New Competition on the Streaming Market - Media Use in Germany

This study presents results from the annual WIK consumer survey on media usage behavior in Germany and discusses the current dynamics in the market…


Digital (Voice) Assistants

Based on a sample of 3,254 consumers, thie study examines the use of voice assistants and consumer IoT, as well as consumers' reliance on providers…


Open cadastral data: status quo, good practices and challenges

To what extent are cadastral data openly available in Germany? This Research Brief provides an overview of the data available, discusses its potential…


IT services for municipalities: providers, competition and innovation

What is the market structure of IT services for municipalities? This Research Brief analyzes the portfolio of municipal IT service providers and…


Price differentiation for fixed-line broadband products in Germany

WIK analyzes double-play offers of 105 fixed-network providers with different regional marketing focuses.


Potentials, Challenges and Approaches to Increase the Acceptance to AR and VR Solutions

Starting from specific use cases, this Research Brief at hand is intended to provide an overview of the areas of application and potentials of AR- and…


Spotlight "Digitization for municipalities - market overview of municipal IT service providers"

What are the general conditions for the digital transformation for more than 11,000 municipalities in Germany? This study describes the market…


Start-up meets SME: How can SMEs and start-ups benefit from each other in digitization?

The Research Brief examines incentives and challenges in the collaboration of start-ups and SMEs. Critical success factors and the role of…


Sustainability reporting of postal operators

The sustainability reporting of postal service providers is hardly comparable. The planned expansion of the EU's reporting requirements will oblige…