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IPSC conference: WIK presented the latest research results at the expert conference on smart city

Jana Stuck, Julia Wielgosch and Marina Happ presented WIK's current research studies on GovTechs, LoRaWAN and Open Data at the IPSC conference.

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Smart, sustainable municipality: Greater sustainability with digitization strategies

Presentations of the WIK online workshop

Municipalities are already using digital tools for greater sustainability. To what extent are the two topics strategically considered together?…

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WIK Conference 2024

Beyond the Digital Decade: new rules, new challenges for digital platforms and telecoms

Period: 24.09.2024 - 25.09.2024

In recent months, the EU has adopted a range of new legislation to promote fairness and responsible governance on digital platforms. Now is the time…

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Cloud computing offers a number of key benefits for digital municipalities

WIK workshop showcased pioneering inter-municipal collaboration and SaaS solutions for the public sector

Cloud solutions facilitate the digitization of government in small municipalities as well as large cities. They offer benefits in terms of…

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AI in SMEs arouses interest – the Mittelstand-Digital Congress 2024

230 participants exchanged views on the transfer of AI knowledge to SMEs

Period: 18.06.2024

What do chatbots, data cockpits, 3D modeling of people, playful robots and profile rail cases have in common? They all serve to illustrate that…

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Smart, sustainable municipality: Greater sustainability with digitization strategies

Online workshop

Period: 06.06.2024 10:00 - 12:30

Municipalities are already using digital tools for greater sustainability. But to what extent are the two topics already being strategically…

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Success factors for cloud computing in public administration

Period: 13.05.2024 07:30 - 10:30

Cloud solutions are a foundation for successful government digitization because they provide flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and IT security…

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Open government data in Europe: What we can learn from other countries

WIK presentation at the FOSSGIS conference 2024 in Hamburg

What can Germany learn from other countries when it comes to opening government data? In a presentation at the FOSSGIS conference 2024, Marina Happ…

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WIK supports the Federal Network Agency in the ex-post control of letter consolidation fees

The Federal Network Agency published the WIK study on the refinement of the margin squeeze concept. The study addresses both the question of the…

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EP discussed business models for postal and delivery services

Presentation by Alex Dieke at the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism

Alex Dieke presented and discussed competition and business models in the postal and delivery market at a workshop on „The suitability of existing…

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Analysis of the potential for the commercial roll-out of fibre optics in Germany

In order to fulfil the federal government's gigabit strategy, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) commissioned WIK-Consult to…

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Multiperson households - USO and technical minimum requirements

Specific requirements due to parallel usage in multiperson households

In June 2022, the German Telecommunications Minimum Supply Ordinance (TKMV) entered into force and minimum technical requirements for internet access…

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