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Saving energy in public properties: LoRaWAN applications in municipalities

Invitation to the Online Workshop

Period: 26.09.2023

Many municipalities are successfully building their own LoRaWAN infrastructures. Examples from Luebeck, Wolfsburg, Osnabrueck and Schimberg/Thuringia…


Online workshop: Digital identities as the foundation of Web 3.0

Period: 16.10.2023

Important regulatory decisions are pending on the topic of "digital identities". We offer an interactive workshop with relevant stakeholders, which…


What potential does blockchain technology have for climate protection & energy transition?

Study for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

The study, published as part of the „Expert Dialogue on Blockchain“, was developed in collaboration with the IT University of Copenhagen and is based…


Sustainabilty Benefits of 6 GHz Spectrum Policy

WIK analyses on behalf of Wi-Fi Alliance Pros and Cons of 6 GHz Spectrum allocation to Wi-Fi or 5G

WIK-Consult shows significant CO2 savings when Europe allocates the full 6 GHz spectrum to WiFi 6/ 6E or future 7 network use rather than restricting…

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Characteristics and performance of NGA technologies (No. 498)

Overview of today’s and future state of Next Generation Access networks

The changes occurring in the telecommunications access networks require high level of understanding at politicians and regulators, but also at…


Trendradar Mittelstand-Digital

Period: 28.09.2023

Freuen Sie sich auf die bisher größte Veranstaltung von Mittelstand-Digital zu Digitalisierungsthemen: Eine Konferenz am 28. September 2023, an fünf…

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New EC State Aid Guidelines

New EC State Aid Guidelines after long consultation period now in force

Presentation over the recent adaptions and changes of the EC state aid guidelines 2013 at the 17th ITG conference Broadband for Germany. The new…


Studies for the High Broadband Strategie of Switzerland

WIK supports BAKOM and the Swiss Government in updating its High-Broadband Strategy

Updating the Swiss High-Broadband strategy the work focusses on underserved areas with speeds below 1 Gbps. WIK supports the considerations of state…

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IT services: A study of long-term partners and new providers

Results of the WIK research project published in the journal "Der Gemeinderat"

Internal modernisation of administration, OZG, mobility transformation and the climate crisis - the demands on municipalities and their IT are…


Urban and regional smart mobility

Presentations and panel discussion by Stadt.Land.Digital at polisMOBILITY trade fair

From 24 to 26 May 2023 the polisMOBILITY trade fair and conference took place in Cologne, Germany. At the event, experts from local authorities,…


Indicators Sustainability

Measuring sustainable ICT infrastructure

The aim of the study was to gain reliable insights into the most suitable indicators for measuring environmental impacts (according to the climate and…

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WIK Conference 2023: Is Europe fit for the Digital Age?

Period: 13.09.2023 - 14.09.2023

In this conference, with the aid of high level representatives from the European Commission, academia, national regulatory authorities and industry, …

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Current Events