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Smart Energy and Green IT

Digitalisation of the energy industry and energy consumption of digitalisation

Smart Grids and smart metering

The energy transition is a process of transformation in which digitalisation will play an essential role in supporting secure, economic and environmentally sustainable energy supply. How do climate protection, energy efficiency, security of supply, transparency and cost savings go together? An essential building block for the fulfilment of these goals is the development of smart electricity and gas grids and the roll-out of smart metering systems. Buzzwords like prosumer, smart meter gateway or 450 MHz are not foreign words to us, but part of our daily work. As energy and telecommunications experts, we group our competences and knowledge for public institutions, regulatory authorities and grid operators, to support the success of the energy transition.


Smart City and mobility concepts

The transformation of transport is a central challenge for the federal government, the federal states and local authorities alike. Digitalisation and networked mobility and logistics concepts are important tools to better manage traffic and increase mobility. Examples include providing travelers with up-to-date information on the most suitable means of transport and providing the means and infrastructure for e-mobility. In our projects, we identify good examples of networked municipalities and municipal transport companies in this context and support funding programmes for smart mobility concepts.


Green IT

How climate-damaging is one hour of internet use? How can modern telecommunications networks contribute to more sustainability in the economy? With the digitalisation of all areas of life and the economy, questions like these are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. For years we have been grappling with the question of whether and under what conditions information and communication technologies (ICT) are part of the solution or part of the problem. While the use of ICT today still causes higher absolute greenhouse gas emissions, ICT opens up opportunities for innovation that make processes more efficient and climate-friendly. Our analyses, whether for regulatory authorities or companies, identify how we can improve sustainability. As experts in a wide range of communication technologies and the evolving data economy, we have contributed to a better understanding of green IT both nationally and internationally.