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WIK Working Papers

English working paper on current research results


WIK Working Paper No. 7: Saving behaviors of private households under varying tariff structures, price levels and incentives – Experimental evidence

This paper examines how dynamic personal pricing and externality cost incentives interact and affect

energy conservation behaviors using an online…

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Working Paper No. 6: They Are Among Us: Pricing Behavior of Algorithms in the Field

We analyze pricing patterns and effects of pricing algorithms in two market segments for OTC-drugs in Germany based on an extensive hourly dataset of…

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Working Paper No. 5: In-Building Telecommunications Infrastructure

Transmission of broadband telecommunications is limited using existing in-buildung infrastructure. We show and discuss ways out of this dilemma.

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Working Paper No. 3a: From Legacy to the Future: Incentivising Demand Migration through Access Fees

In this paper, we analyze how wholesale access fees of a crucial input can be utilized to influence demands for products of different technologies and…

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Working Paper No 4:Costs of Very High Capacity Networks and Geographic Heterogeneity – a statistical assessment for Germany

We provide an statistical-based model capable of explaining 95% of the geographical differences in fibre-based access network costs solely on the…

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Working Paper No. 3: Copper to Fibre Migration: Regulated Access Fees Incentivising Migration

By applying the Spokes model of spatial competition, we analyse the effect of the regulated copper access fee on customer-sided migration towards…

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Working Paper No. 2: Parcel locker stations: A solution for the last mile?

Europe-wide overview of the diffusion and use of parcel locker stations, including an outlook for Germany.

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Working Paper No 1: My Browser is not a Billboard: Experimental Evidence on Ad-blocking Adoption and Users’ Acquisition of Information

Based on an online laboratory experiment, this project analyzes the effects of ad-blocking on the information acquisition of Internet users and…

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