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WIK-Consult supports the ACCC with assessing Australia Post’s draft price notification

The ACCC has launched a second consultation

WIK-Consult prepared three studies for the Australian regulator ACCC in the second half of 2023: a review of Australia Post's regulatory cost…

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The competitive situation in the mobile communications market - public version

This report analyses the competitive situation on the German mobile communications market. On the basis of a comprehensive empirical study, the report…

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Evolution of competition dynamics of tower and access infrastructure companies

Study by WIK-Consult for the Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC)

In this study, WIK-Consult provides an overview of recent developments regarding infrastructure companies and explores the motivation for their…

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Third evaluation report for the austrian broadband initiative BBA 2020 of the BMF

The Consortium WIK-Consult and WIFO written report has been published by the BMF Austria

The granting of state-aid for broadband access networks defined by the notificated program BBA 2020 has been evaluated according to the rules of the…

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Meta-study and key points on the sustainable expansion of gigabit networks

Modern telecommunications networks and IT infrastructures play a key role in the context of energy and environmental policy challenges. They play a…

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Retail 4.0 / Regional online marketplaces

The expectations on regional online marketplaces are high. They are supposed to advance the digitalisation of trade, support stationary retail,…

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Measuring the Internet of Things

WIK has supported an OECD report that examines the current state of adoption and use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in OECD countries among…

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The emergence of non-personal data markets

A study prepared for the European Parliament

This study examines markets for non-personal data in Europe with a focus on the potential, challenges, solutions and legal provisions.

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Fibre overbuild – Economic Analysis and Legal Assessment

Study for the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport

With the dynamic development of fibre roll-out in Germany, there are increasing reports from network operators, associations and local authorities…

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What potential does blockchain technology have for climate protection & energy transition?

Study for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

The study, published as part of the „Expert Dialogue on Blockchain“, was developed in collaboration with the IT University of Copenhagen and is based…

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Sustainabilty Benefits of 6 GHz Spectrum Policy

WIK analyses on behalf of Wi-Fi Alliance Pros and Cons of 6 GHz Spectrum allocation to Wi-Fi or 5G

WIK-Consult shows significant CO2 savings when Europe allocates the full 6 GHz spectrum to WiFi 6/ 6E or future 7 network use rather than restricting…

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Studies for the High Broadband Strategie of Switzerland

WIK supports BAKOM and the Swiss Government in updating its High-Broadband Strategy

Updating the Swiss High-Broadband strategy the work focusses on underserved areas with speeds below 1 Gbps. WIK supports the considerations of state…

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