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Publication of commissioned projects
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What potential does blockchain technology have for climate protection & energy transition?

Study for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

The study, published as part of the „Expert Dialogue on Blockchain“, was developed in collaboration with the IT University of Copenhagen and is based…


Sustainabilty Benefits of 6 GHz Spectrum Policy

WIK analyses on behalf of Wi-Fi Alliance Pros and Cons of 6 GHz Spectrum allocation to Wi-Fi or 5G

WIK-Consult shows significant CO2 savings when Europe allocates the full 6 GHz spectrum to WiFi 6/ 6E or future 7 network use rather than restricting…


Studies for the High Broadband Strategie of Switzerland

WIK supports BAKOM and the Swiss Government in updating its High-Broadband Strategy

Updating the Swiss High-Broadband strategy the work focusses on underserved areas with speeds below 1 Gbps. WIK supports the considerations of state…


Indicators Sustainability

Measuring sustainable ICT infrastructure

The aim of the study was to gain reliable insights into the most suitable indicators for measuring environmental impacts (according to the climate and…


WIK-Consult Study on postal aspects of e-commerce in Belgium

BIPT publishes comprehensive WIK study on the state and evolution of e-commerce, delivery markets and last-mile sustainability issues.

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Open data and open source for sustainable smart city solutions

State of play: Smart cities and digital regions by Stadt.Land.Digital

As part of its work for the Federal initiative Stadt.Land.Digital, WIK-Consult provides an overview an overview of relevant and discussed topics of…


Study on the implementation of the open internet access provisions of Regulation 2015/2120

Review and analysis of Articles 3 to 6 of the Open Internet Regulation (OIR) on ensuring open Internet access and fair and non-discriminatory…

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Wholesale mobile connectivity

Which trends and issues arise from emerging technologies and deployments?

This study on behalf of BEREC examines technical developments in mobile connectivity, implications for the value chain and the possible roles that…


The need for and feasibility of federal funding for the press industry in Germany

German federal ministry of economics (BMWK) publishes WIK study on press funding

The study  how the federal government could fund the press industry in the most targeted way. It specifically discusses whether it is effective to…

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Diffusion of 5G campus networks in Germany

Publication within the scope of the 5Guarantee project funded by the State of NRW

Locally assigned frequencies in the 3.7 GHz range enable the establishment of 5G campus networks in Germany. Currently, innovative applications in the…


Support study on the review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive

An evaluation of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive, the development and impact assessment of policy options for the revision of the Directive.


Internet of Things (IoT): Connected devices and machines in small and medium sized enterprises

The study results are based on a survey among employees from Mittelstand-Digital Zentren which are actively exchanging with numerous small and…