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Publication of commissioned projects
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Support study on the review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive

An evaluation of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive, the development and impact assessment of policy options for the revision of the Directive.


Internet of Things (IoT): Connected devices and machines in small and medium sized enterprises

The study results are based on a survey among employees from Mittelstand-Digital Zentren which are actively exchanging with numerous small and…


Strategic importance of cloud services for the digital sovereignty of SMEs

The WIK study commissioned by the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) examines the importance of cloud services (offered in particular by…


Parcel delivery quality in Germany outperforms legal requirements

Federal Network Agency publishes results of a study by WIK-Consult and Spectos


Interoperability, switchability and portability: Implications for the Cloud

This study seeks to provide insights on the meaning of cloud services, and the circumstances in which portability and interoperability may be relevant…


Secure digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises

Expert survey in the Mittelstand-Digital network on the opportunities and challenges of introducing and certifying ISMS in small and medium-sized…


Blockchain for SME – Report for the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action

The WIK study for BMWK focuses on blockchain in SMEs, including current usage, forms of implementations, opportunities and obstacles, as well as…


Interoperability regulations for digital services - Impact on competition, innovation and digital sovereignty especially for platform and communication services

This study examines (a lack of) interoperability as a possible driver for concentration tendencies as well as the impact of corresponding obligations…


Competitive conditions on transit and peering markets

Based on the BEREC analysis from 2017, this study reviews the market and competitive developments in the IP interconnection sector over the last five…


Sustainability in the context of blockchain technology – Report for Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

The WIK study for BMWK examines how blockchain technology can make a contribution to a sustainable economy and society and identifies potential…


Environmental impact of electronic communications

As the basis for more efficient processes, electronic communication can contribute to greater sustainability. On the other hand, the TC infrastructure…


Acceleration of broadband network roll-out

Study for the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport develops recommendations for a faster roll-out of mobile and fixed broadband networks.