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Study on the robotics market (No. 500)

WIK analyses the impact of innovative digital technologies on the market for industrial robotics applications

Industrial robotics systems have played an important role for efficient production processes of large companies for several decades. Innovative…

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Third evaluation report for the austrian broadband initiative BBA 2020 of the BMF

The Consortium WIK-Consult and WIFO written report has been published by the BMF Austria

The granting of state-aid for broadband access networks defined by the notificated program BBA 2020 has been evaluated according to the rules of the…

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Meta-study and key points on the sustainable expansion of gigabit networks

Modern telecommunications networks and IT infrastructures play a key role in the context of energy and environmental policy challenges. They play a…

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In-building infrastructure (No. 499)

A necessary step for the migration to FTTH

In this study on in-building infrastructure, we examine barriers to the roll-out and upgrade of in-building infrastructure to support high gigabit…

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Retail 4.0 / Regional online marketplaces

The expectations on regional online marketplaces are high. They are supposed to advance the digitalisation of trade, support stationary retail,…

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Innovative municipalities - Municipal IT service providers and start-ups

WIK presentation at the annual conference of the Network Better Regulation and Bureaucracy Reduction

How does the digital transformation of the administration succeed and which role do municipal enterprises and start-ups play? In a presentation at the…

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Measuring the Internet of Things

WIK has supported an OECD report that examines the current state of adoption and use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in OECD countries among…

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20th Königswinter Postal Seminar

Presentations and discussion on postal and parcel markets, sustainable delivery and regulation

Period: 13.11.2023 - 15.11.2023

The 20th Königswinter Postal Seminar is just coming up. This event will focus on the future of national and international postal policy and regulation…

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The emergence of non-personal data markets

A study prepared for the European Parliament

This study examines markets for non-personal data in Europe with a focus on the potential, challenges, solutions and legal provisions.

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Fibre overbuild – Economic Analysis and Legal Assessment

Study for the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport

With the dynamic development of fibre roll-out in Germany, there are increasing reports from network operators, associations and local authorities…

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Open cadastral data in Germany - presentation

WIK presentation at GeoForum MV 2023 in Rostock-Warnemünde

To what extent are cadastral data openly available in Germany? In a presentation at the GeoForum MV 2023, Marina Happ and Julia Wielgosch presented…

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Saving energy in public properties: LoRaWAN applications in municipalities

Invitation to the Online Workshop

Period: 26.09.2023

Many municipalities are successfully building their own LoRaWAN infrastructures. Examples from Luebeck, Wolfsburg, Osnabrueck and Schimberg/Thuringia…

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