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Research Brief and Spotlights

Individual research results with different focal points


The role of alternative letter service providers in growing e-commerce

Growing e-commerce offers opportunities for alternative letter service providers in Germany. The brief study illustrates with case studies which…


Trust in data processing

Seals and certificates verify the trustworthiness of data processing. A large number of quality marks are on the market in Germany - also for SMEs?


Implementing AI in SMEs - The availability of training data and promotion of open data structures

The study focuses on the implementation of artificial intelligence in SMEs. In addition to high-quality data, this requires stringent integration in…


Schlaglicht – Vertrauen in Datenverarbeitung

Siegel und Zertifikate vermindern IT-Risiken. Sie zeigen, dass zum Prüfungszeitpunkt die Prüfkriterien erfüllt waren.

Mit einem Siegel oder…


Success factors for local online marketplaces

The number of local online marketplaces has grown significantly in recent years, and especially since the onset of the Corona pandemic. However, when…


Price differentiation for fixed-line broadband products in Germany

WIK research brief examines the product design and pricing for double-play products of 96 fixed network providers in Germany.


Valuation and performance of German telecommunications companies in comparison to their European counterparts

Research Brief compares performance data of selected telecommunications companies.


IoT for SME – potentials and challenges

The Internet of Things offers a wide range of possible applications for SMEs that can improve their competitiveness. The short study exemplarily…


Citizen Apps

An increasing number of municipalities in Germany are using citizen apps at the interface between municipal administration and the population.


The development of retail offers for residential customers on the German fixed-line market 2017-2020

WIK research brief summarises the most important contents of the discussion paper No. 476 on the price development of double-play tariffs for private…


Opportunities and dependencies of SMEs in the platform economy

Based on case studies, this study identifies aspects critical to the success of SMEs' engagement in the platform economy. This engagement can…


Local delivery for retail: case studies for local online marketplaces

The transformation of retail towards more online shopping is greatly accelerated by the Corona pandemic. The short study presents five examples of…