Antonia Niederprüm © Photo Credit: CHRISZEILFELDER

Antonia Niederprüm

Head of Department


Tel. : +49 2224 9225-29
Fax : +49 2224 9225-63

Short profile

Antonia Niederprüm studied economics with a focus on international economic developments, industrial economics and econometrics at the University of Essen. She was also empirically active after her studies and, among other things, investigated how the ownership structure of companies affects their success. At the end of 1999, she moved to WIK and since then, in her role as a regulatory expert, she has demonstrated her expertise on a wide range of issues in the postal sector in numerous national and international projects, at conferences and in many publications.

For example, she has closely followed the gradual liberalisation of European postal markets and has worked on all issues of postal market regulation, regulation of dominant companies and universal postal service. She has also conducted market and company analyses as well as numerous benchmark studies on regulatory issues, business strategies and operational efficiency of postal companies. She has conducted empirical studies on demand behaviour in letter markets and online retail with a view to cross-border delivery services. She has also conducted several studies on the impact of digitalisation and online trade on the development of national and international delivery markets for letters and goods and the related regulatory and economic policy implications.

She has advised on major regulatory developments at national and European level. Among other things, she has conducted several relevant studies on behalf of the European Commission and supported national and other European and non-European regulatory authorities and ministries with her expertise in postal market regulation.

Since July 2020, she has been in charge of the Postal and Logistics Division, of which she had been deputy head since 2015.