WIK Conference 2023: Is Europe fit for the Digital Age? © Photo Credit: metamorworks - stock.adobe.com

WIK Conference 2023: Is Europe fit for the Digital Age?

September 13 - 14, 2023

In this conference, with the aid of high level representatives from the European Commission, academia, national regulatory authorities and industry,  we take stock of the new range of EU legislation addressing digital and telecoms markets, look at how digital and telecoms markets will evolve in the period to 2030 and debate the technological, societal and regulatory challenges that lie ahead to address the question of whether “Europe is fit for the digital age?”.

Please find the conference agenda here.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Rita Wezenbeek, the European Commission Director responsible for digital Platforms,
  • The current and future Chairs of the EU telecoms regulators group BEREC, Kostas Masselos and Tonko Obuljen, as well as the 2022-BEREC Chair Annemarie Sipkes, who is member of the DMA High Level Group and a director at the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets
  • Alexandre de Streel, Chair of the EC’s online platform observatory expert group
  • Maxime Lombardini, Vice-President Iliad Group / Free
  • Klaus Müller, President of the German regulatory authority BNetzA (and former Director of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations)
  • Richard Feasey, Inquiry Chair UK Competition & Markets Authority, CERRE senior advisor
  • Senior industry representatives from across the digital value chain including Google, Microsoft, SAP, Volvo, Match Group, Netflix, Vantage and American Towers.

The first day of the event (13th September) will focus on digital platforms and the data economy and will feature discussion and debates on:

  • The new EU acquis for digital platforms
  • Implementing the Digital Markets Act
  • A case study in enforcement of the Digital Services Act
  • Protecting consumers in the age of big data and AI; and
  • Data access and interoperability: the implications of the Data Act

Day 2 (14th September) will focus on developments in telecoms policy and will include discussions on:

  • Main developments and challenges for the telecom sector
  • Funding the Digital Decade connectivity targets: what will we need, how much will it cost and who should pay?
  • Exploring the Gigabit Infrastructure Act and Gigabit Recommendation
  • Are we nearing the end-game for SMP regulation; and
  • Keynote debate: telecoms markets in 2030 – featuring speakers from across the value chain including infrastructure companies, cloud providers, IoT specialists, end-users and telcos