New EC State Aid Guidelines

New EC State Aid Guidelines

New EC State Aid Guidelines after long consultation period now in force

Presentation over the recent adaptions and changes of the EC state aid guidelines 2013 at the 17th ITG conference Broadband for Germany. The new guidelines came into force January 2023 and focus on EC‘s Gigabit goal.

The European Commission updated its State Aid Guildelines for broadband networks from 2013 and adpapted it to the new broadband goals of the new Electronic Communikations Code (EECC). The new guidelines came into force in January 2023 after a longer consultation phase. The broadband goals of the roll out of publicly funded networks focus on 1 Gbps downstream and 200 Mbps upstream, based on a fiber network. Besides the fixed network mobile networks now can be supported by funding too. NGA funded networks can be funden a second time in case of significant improvement in quality and speed (stepchange). Rules for protecting competitive telecommunication markets by offering wholesale access stay into force and became ammended by clearly defined minimum quality criteria.


  • Dr. Thomas Plückebaum