Sustainability reporting of postal operators © Photo Credit: lassedesignen -

Sustainability reporting of postal operators

The sustainability reporting of postal service providers is hardly comparable. The planned expansion of the EU's reporting requirements will oblige more companies than before to provide more detailed information.

The environmentally sustainable transformation of postal services is a challenge for companies. In addition to the practical implementation of measures to increase sustainability, postal service providers are required to report on them transparently. What is the carbon footprint of a parcel? What exactly is a "CO2-free" shipment and how is it transported? Sustainability reporting is crucial for the comparability of the information provided by different service providers.

This study looks at reporting requirements and standards applied by postal operators in Germany and other European countries. It shows that the sustainability reporting of the selected service providers is hardly comparable so far. In the context of the European Green Deal, it is planned to extend reporting obligations for companies on environmental sustainability at the EU level. The study explains the proposals and discusses possible effects on the industry.