The role of MVNOs in mobile markets © Photo Credit: lassedesignen -

The role of MVNOs in mobile markets

Study by WIK-Consult investigates MVNO business models on the Irish market against the backdrop of technological innovations and competitive challenges.

On behalf of the Irish telecommunications regulator ComReg, WIK-Consult has dealt with mobile markets, and particularly with the role of MVNOs. A main focus lied on MVNO business models and their development against the backdrop of technological innovations (e.g. IoT, 5G) and competitive challenges (e.g. competition from secondary brands of MNOs, importance of digital marketing and sales channels).

In addition to the analysis of the current market situation, the study focuses on historic developments in the Irish mobile market, especially since the 4 to 3 merger in 2014. Furthermore, reference is made to the situation in international benchmark countries, such as Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, and Austria.

Due to the market concentration resulting from the merger, the study recommends to take a close look at the access conditions of MVNOs, especially with regard to high data volumes and 5G, in particular against the backdrop that the merger conditions will expire in a few years.

The study is available for download.