Strategies to promote Over-the-air provisioning

eSIM has the potential to improve choice and switching options for consumers in the mobile communications market. Against this background, regulators have been asked in the EU Electronic Communications Code (EECC) to promote “over-the-air” provisioning and switching. The WIK study is an input for a consultation that ComReg started on this topic in November 2021. It is based on desk research and expert interviews with stakeholders in the global and Irish market.

First, the technical basis of eSIM and OTA provisioning and switching is analysed in detail. In addition to dealing with aspects of standardization, the differences between the consumer use case and M2M use cases are elaborated. For these use cases, the respective customer journeys are examined in detail.

Then, the potential effects of the eSIM on private and commercial consumers as well as on the various market players are examined.

In the next step, the current market situation both in a global context and in Ireland are discussed and potential forecasts are developed.

Finally, ideal-typical customer journeys are identified and the options for regulatory options to realize this vision are deviated. This includes specific recommendations to ComReg including a possible 5-year roadmap.

The study is available for download.

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