In-building infrastructure  (No. 499) © Photo Credit: Владимир Тюрин -

In-building infrastructure (No. 499)

A necessary step for the migration to FTTH

In this study on in-building infrastructure, we examine barriers to the roll-out and upgrade of in-building infrastructure to support high gigabit bandwidths and efficient shared use of in-building infrastructure and identify possible measures to reduce those barriers.

The potential of gigabit networks can only be leveraged in the future while enhancing competition based on access to the in-building infrastructure if the in-building wiring supports high gigabit bandwidths and enables efficient shared use of the in-building infrastructure. This study analyses the roll-out of in-building fibre infrastructure in Germany and the current business models of market players established in the market. In addition to the current market developments, we also examine whether there are developments in the framework conditions and in the behaviour of the market players that represent a barrier to the upgrade of the in-building infrastructure and whether the gap that currently exists between the homes passed and the homes connected (up to the dwelling of the end user) with fibre networks is closing so that end users are able to subscribe to an FTTH connection without delay. Where we have identified bottlenecks or undesirable developments, we propose concrete measures.